Teacher Tools


Here are some Teacher Tools to assist you throughout this year's WordMasters Challenge™:

If you would like to customize the parent letter or student sign-up sheet for your school, you are welcome to edit the following Word documents:

For schools making a presentation about WordMasters™, download this PowerPoint presentation which follows along with the Welcome Kit's Ten-Step Checklist:

To celebrate your team's success in a meet (or the success of an individual student), download and edit the following Word document by customizing the text you find in [brackets]. Then it is ready to be sent to your local media:


To help you print team certificates, use this Word document:

Hint: Print a practice certificate on blank paper to make sure your school name fits and the margins are okay before printing on the actual certificates.


Study Tools for Teams

Looking for ways to help your students learn their word lists for each meet? Try one of these WordMasters™ Study Tools:      



Fill in the spaces below with your WordMasters words in any order. As a definition is read, cover the appropriate word. Be the first to get 5 in row.

A great way to study your word list. Complete a word map for each word.

Using your list of WordMasters words, check off all the places you find them, such as, TV, radio, books, and conversations.

Illustrate a WordMasters word.

Select a WordMasters word from you list. Draw a card and be prepared to complete the task of drawing it, defining it, acting it out, using it in a sentence and more.


Create your own analogies using your WordMasters word list.

When students find a WordMasters word used by a professional they receive one punch. When the card is full they redeem their card for a prize.

A great way to study your word list. Complete a wanted poster for each word.

Choose an outfit that represents a WordMasters word. Using information about the word, write an announcer's speech to describe your outfit without giving away the word.

Illustrate a picture with a WordMasters word hidden within the drawing.

Fill in the spaces on the grid in any order. As a team, or individually, seek to connect adjacent pairs of words or compose analogies. When finished, all together vote if the connections are valid.


Visit the WordMasters™ Idea Gallery for additional inspiration and lesson ideas submitted by Team Leaders.





Online Resources for Teams

Team Leaders shared useful websites, apps and curriculum resources they utilize to prepare for meets.

Learning Vocabulary

Analogy Practice

  • Metaphors and Analogies article and graphic organizer from TeacherVision


Presentation Apps & Software

  • Microsoft PowerPoint

Teaching and Curriculum

Suddenly there’s a love affair with words in my classroom!

– 6th grade teacher from Florida

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