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May 2014 Newsletter

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May 2014 Newsletter


WordMasters News!

Thank you to all the teams that honored our May 2nd deadline for entering Meet #3 scores. We appreciate that for many of you, it is difficult to schedule the last WordMasters Challenge™ meet because of standardized testing and spring break. We did move the timing of the entire Meet #3 preparation/testing/reporting period up a week in response to pleas from our many schools that complete their academic year in early May. I have already received several desperate calls from Team Leaders who need results in advance of honors and award ceremonies this week!  Meet #3 finalists will be posted by the end of this week, and year-end results will be available on or before May 16th.

Please watch for an important survey we will be sending out this week via Survey Monkey.  We sincerely appreciate your input and feedback as we continue our efforts to improve the WordMasters Challenge™ program.  We are especially interested in your thoughts regarding online testing options as we plan to pilot a program next year and fully implement online testing by Fall 2015.

New WordMasters Challenge™ Individual Competition for 2014-15

While you are on the WordMasters™ website, you may have noticed a new product listed, the Individual WordMasters Challenge™.

The WordMasters Challenge™ - Individual Division was created to serve those students who are homeschooled or attend a school that does not participate in the WordMasters Challenge™ team competition. The content is comparable to our Gold Division vocabulary lists and analogies. However, the word lists at each grade level will not be the same as the word lists being used in the current Gold Division team competition.

To read more about the Individual Challenge™, click here for details.

Hard Work Pays Off

Here are the faces behind the top third grade blue team of Challenge Meet #2 from Woodland Elementary. Their story was shared in their district news. Click here to see the article.

Has your team been showcased in your local news? E-mail us and we'll share it, too.

The Buzz About "Grit" in Education

Angela Lee Duckworth, a psychology professor at the University of Pennyslvania (and former teacher) conducted research to pinpoint what makes someone successful. She evaluated people in a variety of settings; whether it be a West Point cadet, a rookie teacher, a member of a sales team, a National Spelling Bee participant or a student in a Chicago public high school.  Based on her findings, having passion and persistence for long-term goals, or grit, was the greatest predictor of success.

When the concept of grit is applied to education, can it be taught? And how is it measured? Can schools create environments where mistakes are just as valued as right answers? Can you get kids, and better yet their parents, comfortable with the idea that struggle leads to stronger learning? Several schools, such as New City School in St. Louis, MO are trying to put grit into practice by incorporating a "growth mindset". To read more about it, here is an NPR article, "Does Teaching Kids to Get 'Gritty' Help Them Get Ahead?" by Tovia Smith.

To learn more about Angela Lee Duckworth's work, here is information about The Duckworth Lab at the University of Pennsylvania or you can watch her TED Talks Education video "The Key to Success? Grit".


Registration is Open for 2014-15 WordMasters Challenge™

It’s simple! Visit our website,, and click on the yellow Enroll Now button on the right-side of the screen.
  • Enrollment fee is still only $95 per team, with volume discounts for schools enrolling 5 or more teams or school districts registering 5 or more schools. See our website for details.
  • You can pay using a credit card online, or we can invoice you.
  • If you need to request a purchase order click this link, or download the order form found at the bottom of our home page (you can also find it under the ENROLL tab) and submit it to your purchasing department. We ask that you still complete the online enrollment form and select the “Bill Me Later” option to ensure we have accurate and complete contact information. We will invoice you once we receive your purchase order. It’s that easy!
Enrollment for the 2014-15 WordMasters Challenge™ closes on September 30th, so sign up soon!

2014-15 WordMasters Challenge™ Calendar

Enrollment Deadline: September 30, 2014

Meet #1
Word Lists Available Oct. 1st
Test Administered   Nov. 17th - Dec. 5th 
Score Reporting Deadline   Dec. 12th
Results Available  Dec. 26th
Meet #2
Word Lists Available Dec. 8th
Test Administered   Feb. 2nd - Feb. 20th 
Score Reporting Deadline   Feb. 27th
Results Available  March 13th
Meet #3
Word Lists Available Feb. 23rd
Test Administered   April 6th-April 24th 
Score Reporting Deadline   May 1st
Results Available  May 15th
Cumulative Champions Announced   May 15th 

Calendar Reminders

Meet #3 Results and Cumulative Champions Announced:
May 16th

WordMasters Challenge Meet #3
Word Lists Available Feb. 24th
Test Administered   April 7th-April 25th 
Score Reporting Deadline   May 2nd
Results Available  May 16th
Cumulative Champions Announced   May 16th 

To find the entire 2013-14 WordMasters Challenge™ Calendar click here or the Challenge Schedule can be found under the Resources tab on the WordMasters Challenge™ website.


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