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Team Leader Instructions for Website Upgrades

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WordMasters, LLC
Website Upgrades
& Instructions


Welcome back to school and to the 2013-14 WordMasters Challenge™!  Now in our 27th year, we are pleased to announce several system upgrades that will make your participation in the competition easier and more convenient:

  • Access and download the WordMasters Challenge™ materials you have ordered directly through our website at any time.  

  • Assign a separate Team Leader to each team you enroll.

  • Create individual student records (no limit) to record scores and automatically calculate cumulative scores after third meet.

  • View and print reports containing data you have entered for your school.

This weekend, we migrated all of our customer data to the new system.  If you have already created an account linked to your email address, you will be able to use your existing password to log in and access your DASHBOARD.  Simply go to our website (http://www.wordmasterschallenge.com) and click on “LOGIN” in the top right corner of our homepage. If you cannot remember your password, try clicking on “Forgot your password?”  If you registered without creating an account, you should be able to log in using your four-digit school number as a password.  (Your school number appears on the invoice/sales receipt you received via email.)

Once you log in to our website, you will be directed automatically to your personal DASHBOARD page.  From here, you can choose from several options:

  • Manage Teams & Students:  Assign a Team Leader for each team you have enrolled and confirm contact information.  Create individual student records (you can do this now or wait until it’s time to submit Challenge scores).

  • Download Materials: For each team you have enrolled, the corresponding Meet #1 Word List will be available for download beginning October 1st.  (See the Challenge Schedule posted under the RESOURCES tab at our website for a complete calendar of important dates related to the 2013-14 WordMasters Challenge™.)

  • Submit Scores:  Use this link when it is time to submit student scores.  Now you can enter as many scores as you would like; our system will automatically calculate your team score so no need to worry about ties for tenth place!  Since each student’s score is tied to a unique student record, the system will also be able to automatically calculate cumulative individual and team scores at the end of the year.

  • View Reports:  This area is still under construction but will be completed before Meet #1 results are available.  You will be able to view and print reports of your students’ scores as well as overall team results and perfect score listings.

We ask you to be patient as we transition to the new system.  It may take a few days for us to confirm that all orders for the 2013-14 WordMasters Challenge™ have been successfully transferred. Remember, the Meet #1 word lists are not available for download until Tuesday, October 1st.

While you are at our website, be sure to check out the newly updated Teacher Tools page as well as our Idea Gallery for ways to prepare your students for the upcoming meets.  Please send us your ideas so we can share them on the website.

Looking forward to another great year of WordMasters!



Bas Bleu: "So many books..."

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Today I decided to share one of my favorite “literary” sources with you – Bas Bleu (www.basbleu.com). The website is great, but I love paging through an actual Bas Bleu catalog.  It features a full-color picture, detailed description and mini-review of each item – sort of like a J. Peterman catalog for books (if you don’t get that reference, you need to brush up on your Seinfeld re-runs).

Chances are if you are reading this blog, you also enjoy reading about words and language.  I never fail to find some intriguing titles in each Bas Bleu catalog that snag my interest; some are about word origins, others center on word usage, and many feature entertaining tidbits about grammar and vocabulary.  Of course, the catalog also offers countless works of fiction that constantly evoke my lament, “So many books, so little time.”

Here are a few of the books I’ve purchased recently:

  • The Art of the Epigraph: How Great Books Begin
  • How to Read Literature Like a Professor: For Kids
  • 399 Games, Puzzles, and Trivia Challenges Specially Designed to Keep Your Brain Young
  • Similes Dictionary: 16,000 Figures of Speech on More than One Thousand Topics
  • Flying by the Seat of your Pants: Surprising Origins of Everyday Expressions
  • Name that Movie: 100 Illustrated Movie Puzzles (not really a “word” book, but great for critical thinking exercise)
  • The Pun Also Rises: How the Humble Pun Revolutionized Language, Changed History, and Made Wordplay More Than Some Antics

Yes, I gravitate toward books with unusually long titles!

And just in case you’re the sort that likes to get a good jump on your holiday shopping, check out Bas Bleu for gifts to present to your literary friends and colleagues.  I volunteer in the library at my children’s school, and always find something perfect for our beloved librarian.  Of course, WordMasters merchandise is also a great gift idea!


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Suddenly there’s a love affair with words in my classroom!

– 6th grade teacher from Florida

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