Dear WordMasters Family:

In light of the coronavirus epidemic and widespread school closures, we are making some changes for Meet #3 of the 2019-2020 WordMasters Challenge.

Meet #3 word lists are already available for download from your dashboards.  If you did not have an opportunity to distribute the lists to your students before any school closures went into effect, please try to share the files via whatever means you are using to communicate with your students (e.g., email, posting to your school website or posting to online learning sites).

As you know, we are BIG fans of the dictionary!  Encourage your students to spend some time at home looking up the words on their lists – they will encounter a trove of new vocabulary along the way. You can also direct your students to the Resources tab at our website; you do not need to log into our website to access the practice tools and games we have posted.

The Meet #3 tests will be posted online as scheduled on April 3rd.  Since many, if not most, schools will likely still be closed at that time, you may distribute the test to your students using the methods mentioned above and they may take the test at home.  Although we recognize that we will be unable to effectively monitor the legitimacy of test results, we ask that you encourage your students (and their caregivers) to observe the same rules as in-school testing, i.e., no checking answers with other people or using any resources. Students can then submit their test responses to you, and you can submit scores using our online database.

In order to accommodate the greatest number of participating schools (and in hopes that some may be able to resume normal classes sometime next month), we will extend the Meet #3 score submission deadline until May 15th.  We recognize that this may coincide with the end of the school year for some of our participants, but feel we need to make changes that will benefit the majority of our WordMasters Challenge family. 

For the purposes of national reporting, we will base the results on scores submitted by May 15th.  After that date, the score database will remain open until June 1st so that you can still post your scores even if you are not able to test by May 15th

The packages containing your certificates, medals and renewal information will be mailed out on April 6th.  Please contact me immediately at if you would like us to send your package to an address other than that listed for your school (you can check to see which address we have on file by clicking on your order for this year on the View Order History page of your dashboard).

Thank you for everything you do for your students as well as to support programs like the WordMasters Challenge!  Please contact me with any questions or concerns.

Lisa Lombardi

(888) 385-5656

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