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Synonym Matching

Match each of the following WordMasters Challenge™ words with its synonym.  Use crayons or colored pencils to show your answers.  Each match must be a different color.

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Children's Vocabulary - Searching the Web for Pictures to represent words

Word Worm

Create word chains using the words from your WordMasters Challenge™ lists.  Begin with any WordMasters Challenge™ word you wish, but do not use any word more than once.  See how long you can make your chain!  Remember, every word must be related to the one next to it.  It might...

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Wordmasters Scattegories

I created a Scattergory sheet for analogies. The students get two minutes to complete the analogies. They get one point for any valid pair, and an extra point for each WordMasters™ word they use:

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Wordmasters Basketball

My students love to play basketball.  I give each group of 3-4 students a set of word cards.  They spread them out and I read a definition.  They have to find the correct card and be standing with it by the time the definition is done.  If they are up,...

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Post & Use the word List in other Classes

I post the list all over the school. Other teachers in school also then can use the words in their lessons, which in turn goes into ... giving students an extra credit point for each time they find a word in context. This is the BIGGEST one. I'm always so...

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Dress Like a Word Day

Each student is assigned a word and they have to "dress" like that word for the day.  Students take turns guessing the words and then each student presents his/her "outfit" and an explanation of how if relates to the word.  

Jennifer Haws

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WordMasters Challenge

The WordMasters Challenge™ is a vocabulary-based competition that focuses on completing analogies. Over the course of the competition, students will develop verbal reasoning abilities and higher-order thinking skills, improve logic and reading comprehension, and acquire a life-long love for learning! 


Analogies 101

Prepare your students for the WordMasters Challenge™ with Analogies 101! Each of our eleven sets contains thirty analogies that introduce students to various forms of analogical reasoning. Using basic vocabulary to illustrate different analogy formats, each Analogies 101 set is suitable for use by all grade levels!

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WMC Merchandise

Need additional certificates or medals? Looking to reward your WordMasters throughout the school year?WordMasters Challenge™ merchandise is perfect for motivating or rewarding your students as they are improving their vocabulary. 

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