How the WordMasters™ Challenge Works

The WordMasters Challenge™ is offered in two divisions at each grade level (grades 3-8).  The Blue Division is suitable for students of average to above-average reading and reasoning abilities.  The Gold Division is for students who have clearly superior language skills (such as those in Gifted and Talented programs).

Within each division, there are three 20-minute analogy-solving meets per year – held at your school during December, February and April.  Several weeks before each meet, you can download a Word List containing 25 words that will be featured in the upcoming WordMasters Challenge™.  Check out our Idea Gallery for suggestions from other teachers on creative, fun and effective techniques and activities to help your students prepare for each meet.

All of your students may participate in the WordMasters Challenge™, but only the scores of your top ten students are used to calculate the team score (maximum score per team is 200 points).

After each meet, your Team Leader will report the team's results by logging into our website and submitting your students' scores.  We will analyze the results and post a report detailing the median team scores and other statistics related to the competition, and announce the names of the highest-scoring schools and individuals nationwide.  These statistics enable you to assess your own students’ achievement, and can also help you set realistic goals for the following meets.  We also send press releases to schools that have excelled in each meet. 

After all three meets have been completed, we publish cumulative statistics and recognize about 100 of the most outstanding schools and about 200 individual students.

At the end of the competition year, we will send you ten lithographed certificates of achievement and one Champion Medal that you can award to your top achievers.  (If you want to present more than ten certificates or more than one medal, you may purchase additional items in our Merchandise store.)

Suddenly there’s a love affair with words in my classroom!

– 6th grade teacher from Florida

Challenge Schedule

Click here to download the 2018-19
 WordMasters Challenge calendar.

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