nullEach group, of 4-5 students, makes colored cards (a different color for each challenge) for the WordMasters Challenge™ words and white cards for non-WordMasters Challenge™ words. They use these cards to create analogies manipulating the cards to make the best analogies.

With each new challenge we combine the colored words to make new analogies. They have to explain the relationship between the first pair of words in the analogy and then have to make sure the second pair matches in the same way. The cards are mixed up and another small group will try to solve the analogies that were created by the other group. 

Judy Corker

WordMasters Challenge

The WordMasters Challenge™ is a vocabulary-based competition that focuses on completing analogies. Over the course of the competition, students will develop verbal reasoning abilities, higher-order thinking skills, improve logic and reading comprehension and acquire a life-long love for learning! 


Analogies 101

Prepare your students for the WordMasters Challenge™ with Analogies 101! Each analogy set contains thirty analogies that introduce students to various forms of analogical reasoning. With an assortment of analogy formats and using basic vocabulary, Analogies 101 sets are suitable for all grade levels!


WMC Merchandise

Need additional certificates or medals? Looking to reward your WordMasters throughout the school year? The WordMasters Challenge™ merchandise is perfect for motivating your students as they are improving their vocabulary. 

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